Jersey Shore – Osteo Relief Institute

About Us

wall-new-jerseyWelcome to our about us page. Our medical facility is located in Wall Township of the Shore Region at the northwest corner of Highway 34 and Allarie Road, opposite of the Bel-Aire Golf Course. It only takes a few minutes to arrive to after exiting the Garden State Parkway. The goal of our doctors, staff, and treatments is to help you feel better by working with you to reduce your knee pain using therapies and procedures that get results without surgery.

The Shore Region, the north eastern portion of the state, including Monmouth and Ocean County is a wonderful place to live and call home. If you take a look at the Census QuickFacts you will notice there is a higher number of senior citizens here than in other regions of New Jersey, as well as an increasing population. This is a wonderful place to retire, work, raise a family, and simply enjoy life. We can’t forget to mention how the people inland flood to the beaches during the warmer months to walk on the boardwalk, soak up the sun, and spend time swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Many from the East Coast of the United States have memories from spending some time here when they were a child and continue the tradition with their own families. We look forward to you visiting us and hopefully we can work together to get you physicall back to where you were before.